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Flea and Tick Season 2018

Posted on June 6th, 2018

Fleas and Ticks are really revving up right now and we are seeing Lyme disease positive dogs on our annual blood parasite/Heartworm screenings. When it comes to tick prevention, topical treatment is still the best way to go. Topical treatment is the only form of prevention that kills ticks rapidly enough to prevent disease transmission. Additionally, topicals provide humans living with our pets protection by killing ticks rapidly no matter where they go once they’ve crawled off our dogs. If your dog does not like having the topical medication applied to his/her back, we now carry a new topical infused collar that will last the entire tick season, providing your dog is not a frequent swimmer. Remember to use a “soap free” shampoo when bathing your dog between applications to prevent washing off the preventive medication. Oral flea and tick products are still superior to using no prevention but they do NOT consistently prevent tick borne disease transmission or provide any protection to the other people or pets living in your home.